What is this Opportunity?

Not only will you be working as a freight agent for one of the fastest growing freight brokerages in the country, you will own your own Transportation and Logistics business while partnering with FreightMonster. In addition, we handle all of the back-end office work including invoicing, receivables, credit, collections, claims, obtaining Customer Specific Pricing, and, of course, top-notch support.

  • You will receive a minimum of 50% of the profit for FTL and LTL shipments with unlimited earnings potential
  • As well as Bonus Structure that pays up to 65%. You are paid twice per month on invoiced shipments


  • You MUST have a minimum 1 year of freight sales experience.
  • You MUST have a current book of business/relationships with multiple shippers.

Don’t have experience or book of business? Check out our on the job training below.

On the job training option

This is a training opportunity that entails arranging the transportation of goods across the country. You will learn all about the freight industry and gain useful skills all while launching a great career. Below are some of the skills that will help you to excel at this position.on the job training

  • Sales and Marketing: letting your customer know you are the best person to move their product is the key to success in this job.
  • Organized: you must be able to multitask and keep track of several shipments for numerous clients at one time.
  • Communication: keeping numerous customers apprised of where their product is at all times and tracking where the truck is located. Working with drivers or other dispatchers to ensure the customers products arrive in a timely, safe and complete manner, dealing with any and all problems logistically that may arise is critical to this position.
  • Communication: you are required to stay in contact with numerous customers as well as either drivers or other dispatchers to ensure the customers products arrive in a timely, safe and complete manner.
  • Planning: you are responsible for ensuring that the customer’s products are conveyed on the proper type of truck, that the truck has the best possible route to expedite the shipment as well as planning for any permits/escorts etc. that may be required
  • Computer Skills: You must have knowledge of general word/spreadsheet programs as well as the ability to learn proprietary software related to this industry.