Trucking permits usually refer to heavy haul trucking and overweight or over dimensional freight. Permits are required by law for any freight that exceeds the weight or dimensions specified on the state’s website. Permits are required for each state that a truck travels through.

Permits can be bought at the appropriate state agency or through a permitting company. The duration of a permit depends on the state and kind of permit, some are temporary and last only a few days, others can be bought that last a year. You can learn more about permits by watching the video below, reading the transcript, or reading the more detailed discussion below the video.


More Information

What are the rules and exact measurements for trucking permits?

Each state has different rules, regulations, and exact measurements for when a permit is required. Weight is usually broken up into gross, steer, single, tandem, and tridem, which each having different exact weights for each state. For trips that span many states, this can get quite complicated and overwhelming for anyone not familiar with permitting. Additionally, if a load is especially large, depending on the state, there are restrictions on the times of day that that size freight can drive on their roads. Some states even restrict especially large freight to certain roads at specific times.

What about pilot cars?

Pilot cars are usually required for extra large freight, however, the exact measurements when pilot cars become necessary depends on the state. Some states also require police escort for especially large or dangerous freight.

What if a truck doesn’t have the proper permits?

If a truck, which is overweight or overdimensional, drives through a state without the proper permits, they will be fined and forced to obtain the proper temporary permits. Usually the truck is stopped until those permits are acquired which can mean long delays, or missed pick ups. This is why it is important to get all the required permits for each trip before actually making the trip.