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flatbed truck load

Freight Monster™ Flatbed Trucking Shipping Solutions

Flatbed trucking is a segment of the trucking industry used to ship freight such as building supplies and over-sized equipment.

As a rule of thumb, flatbeds can carry almost anything that can be stacked or strapped down. Flatbed trailers can have removable side railings. A bulkhead protects the semi-tractor in front in case the load shifts forward. Flatbeds can also have side kits that enable them to carry sand and gravel. For more details about flatbed trailers, visit our equipment page.

Easy Access

This type of trailer is used when it’s important to get to the load from all sides of the trailer. A flatbed trailer has a completely flat, level ‘bed’ with no sides or roof. This allows quick and easy access.

Over-Sized Load

Flatbed trailers carry over-sized items that don’t fit in a dry van. A flatbed trucking company is often used to move over-sized (over-dimensional) loads. Freight is over-size when its dimensions are greater than the standard legal load size and weight for the roads in the state. In many states in the U.S., over-sized or over-weight loads are those items or containers that measure more than 8 feet 6 inches in width, or over 48,000 pounds.

For heavy and over-sized equipment and other freight, you may need a heavy haul solution.

For more information about shipping rules for over-sized or over-weight loads, see our State Permits information with links to each state’s official site.

Whether this is your first-time shipping freight, or you are a seasoned veteran, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Welcome to the world of flatbed freight transportation! 


Examples of cargo that may need flatbed trailers for transport


  • Construction Equipment, Cranes, Bulldozers
  • Farm Equipment, Combines and Tractors
  • Large Industrial Machinery
  • Military Equipment
  • Prefabricated Buildings


  • Culverts
  • Long Steel Pipes
  • Mining Equipment and Supplies
  • Oil Field Supplies
  • Pallets & Skids
New large earth moving machine, resting on transport trailer

Freight Monster™ Heavy Haul Freight Shipping Solutions

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies ship items that don’t fit on standard flatbed trailers; this type of freight is commonly referred to as Over-Dimensional or Over-Weight. When choosing a Heavy Haul Trucking Company, it is important to select a carrier that is experienced in heavy haul freight. Freight Monster™ has been moving heavy haul freight for over 12 years. We move hundreds of loads every year, and know what it takes to to get the job done right, on time every time!

Heavy Equipment Shipping Information

Special shipping considerations must be used for heavy equipment because of it’s size and weight. Using a specialized hauler that meets the specifications of shipping bulldozers, cranes, tractors, or other heavy industrial and farm equipment ensures safe and efficient hauling. Providing accurate dimensions and weight for the transporter is the first step in shipping heavy equipment. These specifications help the transporter determine if any special considerations need to be made and what is the most appropriate type of transporter. Providing your freight specialist with accurate information allows him to give you a very accurate Heavy Hauling Quote. For more information in determining the dimensions and weight of your equipment, please consult your owner’s manual or an online equipment specification site, There are various heavy equipment shipping options that can be considered once these dimensions are determined. Heavy Equipment can be transported on any number of standard trailers , or may require a custom built trailer . It is important to carefully research your options to determine the best choice to fit your needs.

Hot shot small loads

Freight Monster™ LTL Shipping Solutions

LTL (Less than Truckload) shipping is the term used to describe the condition whenever the trailer is not filled to capacity by a single shipper and the additional space is used to transport freight by another shipper . The alternative to LTL trucking companies are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. Parcel carriers usually handle small packages and freight that can be broken down in to units from 150-1500 pounds, or half the deck. FreightMonster™ moves anything over 500 pounds. For standard specifications, see Flatbed LTL and Step Deck LTL

Full truckload carriers move freight that is loaded into a semi-trailer; semi-trailers are typically between 26 and 53 feet (7.92 and 16.15 m). Therefore they require a substantial amount of freight to make such transportation economical.

Integrating FTL and LTL carriers for cost savings

with enough volume of LTL freight may choose to use a full truckload carrier to move the freight directly to a break-bulk facility of an LTL carrier. For example, a North Carolina shipper with a large quantity of shipments bound for Western US States (for example, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) may be able to realize significant cost savings by having a FTL carrier, known as a line-haul carrier, transport the freight to a break-bulk facility in a central location near the ultimate destination of the freight (in this example, delivery to a break-bulk facility in California for parceling out into LTL lots for transport to the final destinations).

The use of an FTL carrier to transport this freight generally provides an overall cost savings because the freight will travel fewer miles in the FTL carrier’s network, as well as a reduced overall fuel cost. One FTL carrier travels the distance to the break-bulk facility for a single carrier’s price while using only the fuel required for that FTL truck, vs. several LTL carriers at each carrier’s price, each covering some of the same path to the final destinations and each using the fuel required for each one of the LTL trucks.

A further benefit is realized in both loading cost and product damage because the freight will not need to be unloaded and reloaded as many times. Additionally, this reduces the incidence of loss and the opportunity for pilfering or theft, because all of the freight travels together and is not broken down into LTL loads until it reaches the break-bulk distribution facility.

power only

Freight Monster™ Power Only Freight Shipping Solutions

Power Only Freight refers to transporting your freight on your pre-loaded trailer from the shipper to the receiver. Whether its one trailer or your whole plant, Freight Monster can move your power only freight. We offer same day service for local moves or cross country moves to all 50 States, Canada and Mexico.


  • Load your trailers on your schedule; no waiting for the trucks to arrive.
  • Unload the trailers on your schedule, stop paying for detention time.
  • Build delay time into your schedules.
  • Load and unload your trailers during your normal business hours, have the trucking company (carrier), pickup and deliver 24/7.


  • After the trailer arrives at the destination, you may be responsible for extra cost to deadhead it back to it’s origin.
  • If you have a significant amount of Power Only Freight to ship, you need an adequate number of trailers at your shipping facility, to handle the demand.
  • You may be paying more per mile to transport your Power Only Freight, than you would if the carrier used their own equipment.
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Here at Freight Monster we offer the full spectrum of shipping needs. We offer door to port shipping, overseas shipping, and port to door shipping, making us a 1-stop shop for your shipping needs. Below we outline what you need to know about overseas shipping, and what you need to get started shipping overseas!

What is the most affordable, economical method of shipping heavy machinery for me?

It really depends on where it’s being shipped and where it’s going. At Freight Monster we can determine what is most economical and offer you a choice. We specialize in the exportation of heavy construction, industrial and farm equipment from the United States and Canada to most international destinations. We ship a lot of Komatsu and Caterpillar construction machines in addition to Tractors, BobCats, Crawlers, Loaders, Fork Lifts, Excavators, John Deer, and Bulldozers. We also specialize in Energy Plants, and plant relocation (call for specifics).

5 Methods to Ship Heavy Equipment Overseas


Shipping heavy equipment overseas can be done in a Roll on Roll off (RoRo) ship. It is one method of shipping heavy construction equipment overseas. It is secured to the ship’s deck using straps and braces.


If there is no RoRo service available to your destination or the equipment cannot fit into a standard container, then a fixed-end or a collapsible-end flat rack may be used.


“Out of Gauge” items (those items being greater than 8 feet in width) are often shipped on a flat rack and the items are charged by the cubic feet or cubic meters. Getting a flat rack to an international destination can be very expensive and sometimes not logistically possible.


Another alternative is to use a standard container, or over size container. Shipping heavy equipment overseas by using a container ship is a popular way to cut costs. Many people in Europe and Africa ship heavy equipment from the US using containers.


Break bulk cargo is non containerized and is usually transported as individual pieces due to cargo often being over-sized and overweight meaning freight containers cannot accommodate the cargo. Cargoes include goods such as construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, windmills, yachts and steel etc.

Due to reduction of costs and minimizing the possibility of theft/ damage much of the worlds freight is now containerized meaning it fits into ISO standard containers but because of size/weight restrictions there is still a lot of cargo (such as over-sized and heavyweight equipment) which has to be shipped break bulk.

With 5 different methods of shipping your heavy equipment, Freight Monster will find the most affordable way to get it there for you.

But wait, what if the heavy machinery doesn’t fit?

If it is possible to partially dismantle the equipment, it can often be placed in a 40 foot or 40 HC container. This can be done by a professional export packing warehouse. While there is a cost to dismantle and reassemble the equipment, the savings of using this method can often be your best value. Another advantage is to consider the savings of import duty. It is often declared as waived for what is frequently declared as “parts” rather than a fully assembled piece of equipment.

Container shipping is often the most economical way to ship heavy equipment internationally.

You may save money by shipping heavy machinery overseas as parts and not pay import duty.

Exporting heavy equipment is an easy process for us since we have been doing it for over 25 years. We are a well established and reliable global shipping company specializing in shipping heavy machinery.Container shipping is often the most economical way to ship heavy equipment internationally.

Roll on Roll Off

If a RoRo (Roll on Roll off) is available and the heavy machinery can be rolled onto the ship, then RoRo may be a good option

Flat Rack Container

Sometimes the equipment must be placed on a flat rack container, then loaded onto a container ship. Not all destinations can be serviced in this manner.


If the equipment can’t be placed into a container or if it’s too large to fit, then it must be “broken down” or partially dismantled so it can fit in a standard container. This becomes a very economical way to ship heavy machinery and equipment internationally.

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We can arrange for shipping virtually anywhere in the world, however we specialize and send very large bulk freight to the following areas, which means we get the best rates in the industry!

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Freight Monster™ Hay Hauling

Our experienced team of professional dispatchers are experts in understanding the needs and requirements of the hay rancher, as well as the buyer/receiver of the load of hay. We are the premier hay hauling company in the United States. We have moved hundreds of loads of hay of all sizes and weights since our inception over 12 years ago, and have many customers pleased with our service.


We pride ourselves on double and triple checking all required details well in advance, and are quite knowledgeable regarding these necessities. Excellent communication skills along with asking all of the pertinent questions are essential.

We want to be certain that all parties involved in the process of loading, delivering, and unloading the bales know exactly what to expect, so that no confusion occurs with the trucker, the shippers, or the loading/unloading crew. Hence, everyone involved is highly pleased with the entire process, which can be fairly complex.


Coordinating the logistics of the pick- up and delivery of a load of hay can get quite detailed when dealing with the loading schedules of hay ranchers, as well as their delivery schedules. In many cases they must have a crew to help with the loading and the unloading.

Your part in all this will be to assist us by providing as many accurate details as possible upfront. This will allow us to verify everything with all parties involved in advance. Our process helps to create clarity, trust and understanding with our customer and our drivers.

The following is a summary of the details needed from the customer in order to help us help you, get the first-class customer service that we are known for, and that you deserve:

  • Dimensions and approximate weight per bale of hay (square or round)
  • Exactly how many bales are expected to be loaded onto the trailer and approximate height on trailer so there can be no issues with legal height
  • Type of trailer and length that is best for the shipment. Step deck, flat bed, or van
  • Schedule/Availability of loading crew, as well as an address, contact name and phone for the loading rancher/receiver
  • Schedule/Availability of unloading crew, as well as an address, contact name and phone for unloading rancher/receiver
  • Alternate phone numbers/name in case rancher is in the field where cell service is unavailable
  • Permission to call loading rancher to find out how long is needed to load, acquire loading schedules, alternate phone numbers, and to give him drivers name and number. This helps assure a smooth process for trucker and loading rancher, and helps assure the customer that no detention time will be charges by the carrier.

Freight Monster™ Hay Shipping is the premier website to go to when you need Hay Shipping Services. Whether it is one load or multiple truckloads, square or round bales, we can transport your Hay. With flatbed trucks available in every state and Canadian Province, we have moved hundreds of Hay Loads already this year.

Hay Shipping Choices

We specialize in Hay Shipping, so don’t entrust your Hay Shipping to anybody but us. Go with the best in the business!

Did you know that you don’t have to use the Trucking Company that the Hay Farmer recommends? Here at we have hundreds of Flatbed Trucking Companies across the United States and Canada that are available to transport your Hay and deliver it to your ranch, feedlot, or home.

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