Power Only Freight

Freight Monster™ Power Only Freight Solutions

Power Only Freight refers to the process of transporting your freight on your pre-loaded trailer from the shipper to the receiver. Whether its one trailer or your whole plant, Freight Monster can move your power only freight. We offer same day service for local moves or cross country moves to all 50 States, Canada and Mexico.


  • Load your trailers on your schedule; no waiting for the trucks to arrive.
  • Unload the trailers on your schedule, stop paying for detention time.
  • Build delay time into your schedules.
  • Load and unload your trailers during your normal business hours, have the trucking company (carrier), pickup and deliver 24/7.


  • After the trailer arrives at the destination, you may be responsible for extra cost to deadhead it back to it’s origin.
  • If you have a significant amount of Power Only Freight to ship, you need an adequate number of trailers at your shipping facility, to handle the demand.
  • You may be paying more per mile to transport your Power Only Freight, than you would if the carrier used their own equipment.
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