In order to get an accurate freight quote, it is important to gather some facts.

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Want to know why we need this information to give you a freight quote? Read on.

How is distance used for a freight quote?

We need to know the origin and destination to figure the mileage and figure the most efficient route.

Why do we need to know what is being shipped?

The content of your shipment (commodity) is important because it helps determine the type of trailer used. For instance, the load may need temperature control or protection from the elements.

Does availability affect pricing?

The season can affect pricing because the type of trailer you need may be in short supply. For instance, the harvest of perishable fruits could mean refrigerated trailers are in high demand.

Weather conditions along the route or at either endpoint may cause a delay. For instance, a catastrophic hurricane or flooding may prevent travel.

Do size and weight make a difference?

Oversize or overweight freight need permits depending on which state roads are used. This also can limit times of the day and even which route is taken.

Other details for a freight quote

In certain situations, we need other details such as the type of facility at either end, whether you need rail or water transport, time restrictions for pick up or drop off, and more.

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