Auction Transport Services.

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You are at an auction, you’ve bid on the perfect piece, the crowd goes quiet…

It’s just you and your nemesis bidder back and forth and with the raise of your hand.  The auctioneer yells out SOLD! And you own it.

Now What? I need to ship it back to my location!  There are many unknowns in hauling in and out of auctions.

Setting up an auction transport services can be a daunting task. What you need to know when hiring carriers for auctions.

  • A buyer “bidder” number is needed ensuring the carrier they are loading or unloading the right purchase.
  • The loading and unloading times set aside for the auction times and dates.
  • The serial# or product id of the purchase.
  • Exact size and weight of the item.
  • Does the auction assists with loading or not?
  • Is there a direct yard manager contact for loading and unloading. Get the cell phone number and name.
  • Make sure the item is paid for.  The carrier cannot load unless you have receipt.
  • Will you need a roll back?  Is there a ramp or dock at the facility.
  • Carriers are not liable for the purchase.  Inspect your purchase.  They just haul it.
  •  Note any damage on the B.O.L. Inspect and take pictures before your item is loaded.
  • Make sure there are specific unloading time set with carrier.
  • Payment arrangements ,contracts insurance are gathered before pickup.
  • Exact pickup and delivery locations are specified.
  • Get everything in writing and pictures.
  • Hire a driver that is capable of loading or driving the machinery.
  • Special straps, tarps or accessories that may be needed.

Auctions are a great way to get a bargain on whatever you may be looking for.  Make sure it does not turn into a nightmare with the transport.

Get rates and all you need with our specialists years of knowledge so your experience is what it should be. Fun

Auction Transport Services. Nationwide Carriers. What you need to know.


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