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Selecting the Right Flatbed Carriers

Selecting the right flatbed carrier for your business or personal freight.

Decisions upfront and the vetting process of hiring the right carrier will save you time and money.

Here are some quick tips when hiring the right carrier.

  • When using a broker to vet the carrier make sure all the load info is accurate.
  •  Miles and zip codes can be 1 number off.  This can cost hundreds if not thousands .
  • All impeding charged are determined before pickup and delivery in writing.
  • Loading and unloading times & dates are on time.   See contract for detention pay.
  • The truck has the right equipment and tools to secure the load. Tarps, chains, straps etc.
  • The paperwork is signed and dated.  Read twice sign only approved documents.
  • Price per lane changed per carrier.  Going the cheapest does not always work out.
  • MC and DOT numbers say something the often the older the better.
  • Loading ramps- and equipment are specified on pickup and delivery.
  • Make sure your getting the right trailer.  Getting the right flatbed is not a cut and dry as you would think.
  • Accurate contact info for all parties is key. Phone numbers and names.
  • Designate whether the flatbed carrier has to help load or is it “no touch”.
  • Is there any geography or weather that impedes the flatbed carrier form getting to the loading or unloading location?
  • Ask if the flatbed is “air ride”.  If specified.
  • All dimensions  for the flatbed cargo is accurate to the centimeter.

Selecting the right flatbed carrier through Freightmonster.com/Streamline.

We have see it all.  Our biggest concern is you as the customer. We select our flatbed carriers from decades of vetting & state of the art technology. Our historical data paired with proprietary software. Safe guard yourself hiring a flatbed carrier.  We know all the shortcuts to protect you.  Paperwork bad zip codes or wrong locations usually are the worst case scenarios.  Relax we got it.

Names of Flatbeds-

  1. Standard Flatbed- 48’x102″ Wide
  2. Flatbed Stretch –  Stretch up to 150′
  3. Flat Rack- For RORO ”  “Ocean shipping”
  4. Maxi Flatbed- Double or triple trailer.
  5. Hot Shot-  LTL basic truck trailer 20′-40′
  6. Air Ride flatbed-
  7. Tri Axle Flatbed- Hauls more weight.
  8. Flatbed- With  Side Kit
  9. Conestoga Flatbed

Flatbed Lingo-

Flatdeck- Straight truck- Flatbedder- Hot Shot -Roll back

Accessories on board Flatbeds

  • Chains & Binders
  • Straps
  • Tarps
  • Dunn-age -“Lumber”
  • Pipe Stakes
  • Cradles
  • Load levelers
  • V boards

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