Team Trucking – The Pros & Cons

Why do I need a team to haul my freight?

Teams in the trucking industry haul freight in parallel utilizing all the time & miles they can get.  Double the miles.

With the new ELD laws and time logs in place team drivers can stay on the road with less down time.

Team trucking companies or drivers create opportunity for time sensitive or expedited freight.

Team Trucking- Pros & Cons


  • Teams drivers work in pairs getting every minute of windshield time possible on the road.
  • Standard haul time compared to a single driver is double.
  • Your freight from pickup to delivery is expedited and delivered days if not weeks faster.
  • Teams can work in tandem making the runs or lanes the most efficient.
  • There is no hold time for teams.
  • Team driver pay historically is much higher.
  • You always have someone to keep you occupied & awake.
  • Owner operators can share expense for repairs, maintenance fuel etc.
  • Less fatigue.
  • Communication and paperwork can be divided between the 2.
  • Your wife or best friend can be with you while sight seeing and hauling

Team Trucking- Pros & Cons


  • Getting along with your team trucking partner can be challenging.
  • Trust issues with the way each driver handles the truck can be a problem.
  • Each team driver may communicate with customers or dispatch differently.
  • If the team is not compatible the freight delivers late.
  • Team drivers usually get ill together.
  • If you lose your partner your on your own.

Team Trucking Nationwide for Decades

Partnering with Streamline our teams get the job done right.

Nationwide team trucking companies ready to roll hauling any freight.  We utilize all trailers to get you freight delivered on time.
  • 48 States Canada & mexico
  • Expedite your freight utilizing team drivers.
  • Cut transit time in half using our team trucking companies all over the nation
  • Team trucking company paired with technology equals competitive rates.
  • Real time tracking for on time scheduling for teams guaranteed.
  • Acts of god are the only circumstantial for late delivery.
  • Coast to coast specialized team transport.
  • Qualified team trucking fully insured and professional.

We have been hauling in teams for decades you can count on us to your freight delivered.

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