Covid-19 – Special Requirements for Trucking.

Streamline & Freightmonster.com is aware that different city and state governments are actively regulating non-essential deliveries.

This may have an impact on shipments. If you are unable to deliver a shipment, or if you have an active shipment that you are having difficulty delivering.

Please reach out to us anytime

*Please note that a limited number of states have implemented checkpoints to screen the health of drivers.

Although commercial activity is permitted at this time. 

Please be sure to check federal, state, and local restrictions for specific entry and delivery requirements.

We recommend carriers travel with a copy of their BOL to ensure proof of work.

Covid- 19. Special Requirements for facilities may include.

Effective April 2020; the following facility pre-admission screening protocol has been created.

To help ensure the health and well-being of employees and ensure that our work force is protected.

All threats related to the global SARS CoVid 19 pandemic.

CDC Info 


The Pre-admission Screening Protocol will apply to all persons, employees and non-employees, carriers who need to enter a site.


Carriers will enter entrance Gate and stop at the security gate:

Driver will communicate delivery or shipment number to security.

  • Security verifies the information and confirms appointment time.
  • Security will notify the driver of the new Admission Screening Protocol.
  • Driver consent needed to conduct the Screening Protocol.
  • “Yes/Consent’ – the driver’s temperature screening is conducted.
    • Screening personnel will place thermometer in the center of the forehead.
    • Midway between the eyebrow and hairline but not touching the skin.
    • Temp below 99.9 °F  (37.8 °C) driver is permitted to enter.


No Consent given/Temp above 99.9 °F  (37.8 °C) Detected:

  • “No Consent” is given – the driver is not allowed to enter the DC.
  • Temperature detected is at or above 100 °F  (37.8 °C), the driver cannot enter the DC.


We will take the necessary steps to protect the business, the people and the community.

Adherence to these protocols is an important step to ensuring that the employees are protected.

Precluding any threat that may effectively hinder or have impact to facilities.


We thank you for your cooperation.


Under the circumstances understand we are doing all we can to from pickup to delivery.

877-419-5523 or info@freightmonster.com

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  • Motor carriers or drivers currently subject to an out-of-service order are not eligible for the relief granted by this declaration until they have met the applicable conditions for its rescission and the order has been rescinded by FMCSA.

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