Outlook For Covid 19 & Trucking-

Uncertainty looms as cases rise.

Truckload volumes surge about 15% for June but for how long?  Our data is mixed about the rise in truck volumes for the month.  While May shows the reflection of March by percentages of trucks available June shows a spike in loads creating a reverse market.  Whats this mean?  Who knows- shippers are creating the demand to keep the carriers stable for now.  When load volumes rise trucks become more scarce creating the inevitable supply and demand factor.  Carriers will be looking for a rate increase per mile.  But here is the million dollar question. What happens if the Covid-19 cases rise out of control and shutdowns occur once again?  Watching the stock market you know it’s a crap shoot of a roller coaster.  We are assuming the best for a positive 4th quarter. The reality is as humans we have to consume.  Certainly we are in a very volatile time as we head in.  Not even calculating in the presidential election in the near future.  Bottom line- if load volumes continue to rise so will the truck rates.  Utilize your network..

Larry Lockahrt Jr

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