Freight Monster™ Dry Van Trailer

A Van or Dry Van trailer is an enclosed trailer generally used to keep freight out of the elements. These trailers can only be loaded from the rear, and are generally are loaded from a loading dock. A curtain van is similar, but can be loaded from the side as well. There are more dry van trailers than any other trailer type, in the trucking industry today. The typical dry van is 53 ft in length. However, 48 ft and shorter trailers are also used.


Transcript: Dry Box Trailer Specifications & Dimensions

“Brief…overview this morning of a Van Trailer. Van Trailers are running 48 and 53 [feet] long. You got 8 foot high, inside, and 102 [inches] wide.

Van Trailers are utilized to keep your freight dry and clean. You can get 22 pallets in a 48…22 in a 48 foot, and 24 in a 53 foot–dry box. They call them “Dry Box” also.

Utilized for LTL, “Light Truck Load”, or Full Truck Load. Van Trailers are mainly utilized to keep your product clean, dry, and safe.

That’s it for Van.”

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  • Equipment

  • Length: 45′-53′
  • Height: 13’6′
  • Width: 96″-102″
  • Commodity

  • Inside Length: 44.6′-52.24
  • Height: 102″-110″
  • Width: 92″-98.7″