Freight Monster™ Step Deck LTL

Step Deck LTL’s allow you to ship partial loads that are too tall for a Flatbed Trailer. They are cheaper and more efficient then utilizing an RGN or Flatbed Trailer.


Transcript: Step Deck LTL Trailer Specifications & Dimensions

“Today we’re gonna go over Step Deck LTL, or Light Truck Load, partial, uh whatever way you want to look at it.

Difference between Step Deck LTL and Flatbed LTL is you can break the truck up, and you got 53′ of deck to play with. If a Step Deck is putting partials together, and, say, you have a 10 foot generator that you want to put on this truck, and you’re gonna take up 10 feet of it, but it happens to be over 9′, and it’s 10′ 3″. Well, then you would utilize a Step Deck and put it on as an LTL instead of a Flatbed.

Step Deck usually run a little bit more money, but, just depending on who’s in the area and the truck capacity, that’s the difference between LTL, Step Deck, and Flatbed LTL.

And you can call them partials or whatever you want to call them, but biggest difference between a Step Deck and a Flatbed is you can haul taller partials.

So if you got a statue or whatever and it’s over 9′, and it’s between 9 and 10′ 6″, you want to utilize a Step Deck. Don’t let someone talk you into puttin’ it on an RGN all by itself, because you will get over priced. And, you don’t want to do that.

So, consult with your dispatcher and refer back to this for your height restrictions, and movin’ it as a partial, because if you go into moving it as an RGN or full Step Deck load, you’re looking at a lot more money.

There’s your Step Deck LTL.”

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  • Equipment

  • Length: 37′-41′
  • Width: 8’6″
  • Height: 36″-42″
  • Commodity

  • Length: 30′
  • Width: 8’6″
  • Height: 10′
  • Weight: 48,000 lbs


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