A-Frames Supplier Nationwide

Our A-frames are built to withstand the most harsh conditions.

  • These A-frames are capable of 7 thousand pounds per side of the frame equaling up to 15 thousand pounds per frame loaded.
  • Our unique design is used in many transportation and shipping sectors throughout the world.
  • Industries we supply include granite, glass, building materials and pretty much anything fragile that needs stacked.
  • Trucking companies all over the world trust these custom built frames for all applications.  We set the standard when it comes to strength and durability on and off the road.
  • Ease of loading and damage control are apparent right off the ground.  Save your company from damage claims.

Note our patent pending out rigger A-frame extensions.

  • We have several different options when it comes to the designs for your project.
  • Note our patent pending out rigger A-frame extensions.  These extensions make for weight and rigid transport ensuring your product will no break due to sag.
  • Freightmonster.com partnered with Streamline and our highly valued welding crew with  20 plus years of experience to make us the best option for any transport, design and shipping cost.