Temperature Controlled / Refrigerated Trailers


refrigerated trailersRefrigerated Trailers are different from dry vans because they control interior temperature. The interior temperature of the van maintains any temperature range from -20 to 70 degrees, depending on the capabilities of the refrigeration unit.

Refrigerated Trailers are similar to dry vans because they load from the rear, generally from a loading dock.

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Refrigerated Trailer Specifications & Dimensions (transcript)

“Alright…today we’re gonna do Refrigerated, or Reefer Trailers. Throughout the industry they’re abbreviated as Reefer Trailers; what they are is “Cold Boxes”. This is to haul cold freight. They’re even sometimes used to keep freight warm if it’s really cold in the winter. Say you’re in Alaska, and you don’t want your product to freeze, they’ll actually use these trailers to keep your product from freezing.

But, for the most part, you’re hauling frozen products such as fish, or vegetables, or whatever, to keep it at temperature control. So, I mean, you can go anywhere from totally 0 degrees freezing, to 70 degrees, keeping the trailer warm or absolutely freezing, depending on what you’re hauling, from meat, to fish, to vegetables.

You fit 22 pallets in a 48 foot. They come in 48 feet and 53 foot, you usually get about 8…8 feet in the, 8 to 8′ 6″ in the box, tall. Depending on how many pallets you got (if you can stack them or not), usually you get about 22 pallets in a 48, and 24 pallets in a 53 [foot].

Depends on if this is a high cube or not, just…I don’t, if you’re stacking it you usually get into about 8′ 6″, but you got 102 inches wide, and all those trailers really do vary on the manufacturer, but product wise that’s what they’re utilized for is for hauling, fish, chicken, meat, they move all our produce and, keep everything temperature controlled.

That’s it for Refrigerated Trailer.”

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  • Equipment

  • Length: 48′-53′
  • Height: 13’6′
  • Width: 96″-102″
  • Commodity

  • Inside Length: 44.6′-52.24
  • Height: 102″-110″
  • Width: 92″-98.7″
  • Weight: 45,000 lbs