Freight Monster™ Specialized Trailers Nationwide!

Many types of cargo require specialized trailers.

For instance, some over-sized and over-weight pieces simply will not fit any other standard trailers. As a result, precisely manufactured connections and combinations of equipment are used for these loads.

FreightMonster can help you with any specialized trailer needs. Some examples of these trailers and equipment include:


  • Dolly trailers connect trucks or other trailers, to form combination vehicles. They have electrical, air, and hydraulic connectors that attach to the truck.


  • Perimeter trailers carry very large and heavy loads inside the specially designed frame. In order to maneuver and hold this freight, they may have expandable decks and steering dollies.


  • Schnabel trailers are specially-designed two-piece trailers used to transport very long items.
  • The two parts of the trailer use hydraulic rams and latching systems to attach to the ends of the item. The load height is less when suspended between the two trailer pieces in this way.
  • The rear end of the Schnabel trailer is steerable. This makes tight turns easier to maneuver.


Some pieces of equipment need trailers custom designed for them.

Specialized Trailer Dimensions

Dimensions vary widely with specialized trailers. Call our specialists who will find the right solutions for your freight.

Specialized trailer
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