FreightMonster Booking / Dispatch Features

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Carrier Pricing

This is where we deliver.

  • Our rates are the lowest in the industry and here’s why:
    • We give you rates in real time.
    • Our Company has 20+ Years Experience.
    • Over 150,ooo Trucks & Trailers at our fingertips.
    • Quick .  These big rigs don’t sit around for long!

Fully Managed Freight

Going on vacation and need someone to handle everything for you?

We’ll take care of all the leg work so you can rest easy knowing your freight is taken care of by a qualified freight specialist.

Let us deal with reviewing carrier rates.

Carrier Auditing

See performance reviews.

  • Know how much insurance a carrier has
  • See their safety rating

FreightMonster gives you the tools you need. Nothing makes you feel safer than being in control.

Qualified Carriers

We won’t waste your time with unqualified trucks.

We verify

  • Truck authority
  • Safety ratings and
  • Insurance.

Rest assured, your freight will be safe.

100% Mobile Friendly

Constantly on the go?

We’ve designed our software to be 100% mobile friendly.

This means you can do everything from your smart phone that you could do on your computer – and you don’t need an app!

Automated Notifications

We’ll send you timely email and/or text message notifications.

You’ll know exactly what’s happening with your freight – when it happens.

No need to check on your freight every day to find out where it is.

Customer Service

When you create an account with us you’ll be assigned your very own representative. If you ever have an issue or just want to check the status of your freight, your representative is only a phone call away.