Hay Hauling

We are the premier hay hauling company in the United States.

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Our experienced team of professional dispatchers understands the needs and requirements of the hay rancher as well as the buyer/receiver of the load of hay. We have moved thousands of loads of hay of all sizes and weights since we started over 20 years ago, and have many customers pleased with our service.

Whether it is one load or multiple truckloads, square or round bales, we can transport your hay. With flatbed trucks available in every state and Canadian province, we have moved hundreds of hay loads already this year.


Our specialists double and triple check all details well in advance. They have excellent communication skills and know which questions to ask.

Our team makes sure that all parties involved in this complex process know exactly what to expect. This is so that no confusion occurs with the trucker, the shippers, or the loading/unloading crews. Hence, everyone involved is highly pleased with the entire process.


Coordinating the logistics for pick- up and delivery of a load of hay can get quite detailed. The hay ranchers’ loading schedules and their delivery schedules must be taken into account. In many cases a crew is needed to help with loading and unloading. We need as many accurate details as possible upfront. This will allow us to verify everything with all parties involved in advance. Our process helps to create clarity, trust and understanding with customers and drivers.

Here is a summary of the details needed to give the first-class customer service we are known for, and that you deserve:

  • Dimensions and approximate weight per bale of hay (square or round).
  • Exactly how many bales are expected to be loaded onto the trailer and approximate height on trailer so there can be no issues with legal height.
  • Type of trailer and length that is best for the shipment. Step deck, flat bed, or van
  • Schedule and availability of loading crew, as well as an address, contact name and phone for the loading rancher and receiver.
  • Schedule and availability of unloading crew, as well as an address, contact name and phone for unloading rancher and receiver.
  • Alternate phone numbers and names in case rancher is in the field where cell service is unavailable.
  • Permission to call the loading rancher to find out how long is needed to load, get loading schedules, alternate phone numbers, and to give him the drivers name and number.

This helps assure a smooth process for the trucker and the loading rancher and helps assure the customer that no detention time will be charged by the carrier.

Hay Shipping Options

Did you know that you don’t have to use the trucking company that the hay farmer recommends? Here at FreightMonster we have hundreds of flatbed trucking companies across the United States and Canada that are available to transport your Hay and deliver it to your ranch, feedlot, or home.

We specialize in hay shipping, so don’t entrust your hay shipping to anybody but us. Go with the best in the business; go with the hay monsters!