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FreightMonster Heavy Haul Freight Shipping Solutions

FreightMonster has moved heavy haul freight for over 20 years.

Earth Mover on Trailer

We move thousands of heavy haul loads every year. We know what it takes to get the job done right, on time every time!

Heavy haul carriers move items that don’t fit on standard flatbed trailers. That’s why, we commonly call this type of freight over-size, over-dimensional, or over-weight. So, when you choose a heavy haul freight solution, it is important to select a carrier experienced in heavy haul freight.

Heavy Equipment Shipping Information

Special shipping methods come into play for heavy equipment because of the size and weight. Always use a professional hauler that meets the conditions for shipping heavy industrial and farm equipment. This ensures safe and quick hauling.

  • Detailed measurements: The first step to shipping heavy equipment is accurate dimensions and weight. This information helps determine if special attention is needed.
  • Options: Next, select the most appropriate trailer or combination of shipping options. Heavy Equipment can be transported on any number of standard trailers or may require a custom-built trailer or Specialized Solution. It is important for you and a freight specialist to carefully research your options. Then, the best choice to fit your needs is arranged.
  • Accurate quote: Then, your freight specialist will give you a very accurate quote with this customized information.

Note: For more information on how to find sizes and weight of your equipment, please check your owner’s manual or an online site such as  FreightSpecs.com


When you use FreightMonster, you can be sure our specialists know what’s needed for traveling safely and legally through states, counties, cities, and other regional groups. For instance, they plan for pilot vehicles, escorts, signage, and permits.

In addition, see our summary of State Permits for more information about shipping rules for over-sized or over-weight loads. Links are included to each state’s official site for details.