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Project Coordinators. When you need a company to put together the many moving parts of your heavy haul freight transport. Streamline moves thousands of heavy haul loads every year. We know what it takes to get the job done right, on time every time!

Heavy haulers move cargo that will not fit on standard trailers. Specialized heavy haulers commonly call this type of freight over-sized,  over-dimensional, overweight & OD

You Hired The Right Company

Choosing a company in heavy haul can be scary and cumbersome, it is important to select a carrier experienced in heavy haul freight.  Choose the company that may not be the cheapest but has a proven track record to get the job or project done right. 

Heavy Equipment Shipping Information

Special shipping lanes and methods come into play for heavy cargo due to the size and weight. Professional vetted heavy drivers are the keystone for shipping heavy industrial and equipment. You, your business and your clients count on seamless coordination, notification & status. 

    • Detailed measurements: The first step to shipping heavy equipment is accurate dimensions and weight. Size to the centimeter is key  information & helps determine if a special trailer truck combo the cargo will need..
    • Options:Together we select the most appropriate trailer or combination of shipping options. Heavy Equipment can be transported on any number of standard trailers or may require a custom-built trailer or Specialized Solution. It is important for you and a freight specialist to carefully research your options. Then, the best choice to fit your needs is arranged.
    • Accurate quote: Specific- Pickup & delivery addresses are gathered. These locations are important to gather miles and routing of the cargo in that lane. Your freight specialist will give you a very accurate quote with this customized information. Heavy Haul & Over-sized Project Transport has many moving parts and it’s imperitive you collaborate a good plan beforehand.  So Give notice as soon as possible before the actual booking date.


  • Documents: Make sure you gather all the right documents before during and at delivery to ensure any legal squabble does not take place mis transit or in the event there are damages to the cargo.  We have you covered there!


Note: For more information on how to find sizes and weight of your equipment, please check your owner’s manual or an online site such as  FreightSpecs.com

Permits & Routing

Heavy haul overs-sized trucking specialists know what’s needed for traveling safely and legally through states, counties, cities, and other regional groups. For instance, they plan for pilot vehicles, escorts, signage, and permits. Port laws, state and federal

differ from today to tomorrow.  Be sure we are abreast of any changes in routing or law through the United States, Canada & Mexico.


In addition, see our summary of State Permits for more information about shipping rules for Over-Sized or Over-Weight  or Super loads. Links are included to each state’s official site for details.

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