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FreightMonster offers the full spectrum of shipping solutions for ocean freight.

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World-wide Shipping

We can arrange for shipping virtually anywhere in the world. We specialize and send very large bulk freight which means we get the best rates in the industry!


5 Methods to Ship Heavy Equipment Overseas

We are a well-established and reliable global shipping company specializing in shipping heavy machinery. Container shipping is often the most cost-effective way to ship heavy equipment internationally.


Roll on roll off

Shipping heavy equipment overseas can be done in a Roll on Roll off (RoRo) ship. It is one method of shipping heavy construction equipment overseas. 

It is secured to the ship’s deck using straps and braces.

roll-on-roll-off-freightIf a RoRo is available and the heavy machinery can be rolled onto the ship, then RoRo may be a good option.


Flat rack

“Out of Gauge” items – those items more than 8 feet wide – are often shipped on a flat rack and are charged by the cubic feet or cubic meters. flat-rack-shippingUsing a flat rack to an international destination can be very expensive and sometimes not even possible. Not all destinations can be serviced in this manner.


Collapsible flat rack

This method can be used if the equipment cannot fit into a standard container or roll on / roll off service is not available. collapsible rack ocean shippingCollapsible end racks fold on one or both ends and may or may not have walls. 



A common method is to use ISO standard or over size containers. 

container shippingShipping heavy equipment overseas by using a container ship is a popular way to cut costs. In addition, containers minimize the possibility of theft and damage. Many people in Europe and Africa ship heavy equipment from the US using containers.


Break bulk

Break bulk cargo is not shipped in a standard container because it won’t fit or is too heavy. It is usually transported as individual pieces because it is over-sized and over-weight. Breakbulk-freight-shippingThese types of cargo include goods such as construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, windmills, yachts and steel. 

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